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Parish Nursing

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Whole Person Healthcare Through The Local Church
Parish Nursing Ministries UK is a Christian charity which helps local churches appoint nurses, who in turn support people and communities towards whole person healthcare. This is care for the person’s overall well-being, incorporating body, mind and spirit.
Whole person healthcare is about the person’s overall well-being, which includes spiritual, physical, mental and social aspects of health.

All Parish Nurses are registered nurses and are appointed or employed through a local church. Most of them continue to work for the NHS and we value our links with all NHS and other relevant professionals. Parish Nursing Ministries UK promotes this exciting concept and helps churches and nurses to develop it.
Our Regional Coordinators are available to work with the church and the Parish Nurse to think through how the nurse’s skills,
competences and experience can best be deployed. Together they will develop a plan based on the church and nurse’s vision, strategy and gifting, guided by the Coordinator’s experience, ideas and knowledge.
Are there specific and common health issues in amongst the congregation and local communities? Are there any groups or communities that the church is trying to serve and reach out to? How can the nurse help them achieve this? What ideas have worked with other Parish Nursing projects and how can they be used for this church?
Parish Nursing Ministries UK provides training for the nurse including a residential course, with particular emphasis on integrating specialist nursing skills with spiritual care, as well as various other aspects of the role. We also offer study days, seminars and a regular symposium.
Crucially, this is backed up by ongoing support from the Regional Coordinator. This includes advice for the church and the nurse, professional updates, ideas from other projects, cluster meetings, seminars and retreat days. We have a quality assurance scheme for each church that has a parish nurse. And downloadable resources such as sample policies and documentation.

Parish Nursing is all about supporting people and communities towards whole person healthcare. It can happen through a local church of any denomination, and people can be referred to their own faith community if they so desire. For more information about the nature of parish nursing visit this page:

We encourage churches to employ/appoint registered nurses as part of their mission in the community. This can be on a part-time, full-time, paid or voluntary basis,depending on the church’s circumstances.


This video,Bill United, shows how communities can support each other.


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