A selection of prayers that have been said in our churches



Prayer is life, teach us heavenly Father how to truly pray that we may truly live, letting our every thought be congruent with your will, our every word be an expression of your love, our every action a demonstration of your purpose; bring to our awareness the unity of your creation, blessed with the knowledge of its sacredness that we may behold thy presence in all things
Lord hear us…Lord graciously hear us
Father if we forgive seventy times seven times and our brother still offends us, bestow upon us the power and the goodness to continue to forgive without limit, to forgive without condition, to forgive without a sense of sacrifice, to forgive as you forgive. only then will we understand that we but forgive ourselves and that in thee we have always been forgiven.
Lord hear us…Lord graciously hear us
This day is holy and we will be still and listen to your voice.
Let us not be distracted by the clamourings of the madness of the world nor tempted to believe in its reality but let the Holy Spirit keep us in the awareness of your power to transcend all worldly thoughts. Let us be content in the knowing of your grace
Lord hear us….Lord graciously hear us
Father let us remember there is nought but thee. Let us remember that all that was made, that was not made by thee, was not made so let us turn away from death and its followers, pain, sickness and loss being devoted only to thee as the substance of all life, love and eternal glory.
Merciful Father…accept these prayers for the sake of your son our Saviour Jesus Christ….Amen

Forgive us Father for we know not what we do; we sleepwalk into sickness, pain and into death, in blind arrogance we listen to the wrong voice and we suffer accordingly and when finally our suffering brings us to humility we think of you and we remember there is hope
Lord in your mercy…hear our prayer
Father, let this glimmer of hope within us grow into a mighty flame. Let the power of thy holy spirit burn a pathway through our blind conceit and turn our willfullness into willingness, that our minds may be open to the word of truth and that our hearts be consumed with love
Lord in your mercy….hear our prayer
In this transformation, teach us to remember our brothers and the debt that we owe to them; the debt of forgiveness that will cleanse us of our guilt and fear, that will bring purification and renewal to our souls so that we may awaken to the life which is our true inheritance in thee
Lord in your mercy…hear our prayer
Father our prayer is a true prayer and so it must be answered. Therefore in faith we assume the answer is given unto us and we offer thanks accordingly. Now we put aside all doubts and regrets, all thoughts of sin and separation and find union with thee in complete and perfect peace
Merciful Father….accept these prayers for the sake of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ….Amen

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