Vision 2026

Vision 2026

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Our Blackburn Diocese has a 10-year vision called “Vision 2026: Healthy Churches Transforming Communities”. You can read more on the diocese website

You can read the July 2016 Mission Matters update here

The diocese has produced a set of short video clips available on Youtube which are linked to below which will be shown to our congregations over the coming weeks (July 2016).
Here are links to the videos and notes
1, Healthy Churches: Youtube clip Members’ handout
2, Transforming community: Youtube clip
3, Making disciples: Youtube clip
4, Being witnesses: Youtube clip
5, Growing leaders: Youtube clip

Anton will be addressing this vision in a series of sermons titled

“Seven Marks of a Healthy Church”

  1. Energised by faith – rather than just seeking to keep things going. Transcipt of sermon 13th March 2016
  1. Outward looking focus a ‘whole of life’ rather than just a ‘church life’ focus.

 3. Seeks to find out what God wants –rather than letting personal preferences set the agenda

  1. Faces the cost of change and growth –rather than resisting and avoiding failure
  1. Builds community –rather than functioning as a religious club.
    Transcript of sermon on 10th April 2016

6. Makes room for others –rather than being exclusive

7. Does a few things well – focused rather than frenetic

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